How to be a squirrel whisperer 1.01

how to be a squirrel whisperer1. Cultivate your love of furry creatures
2. Go to a squirrel habitat (preferably grey squirrels as they are less shy)
3. Walk around till you spot a squirrel (usually up in a tree)
4. Stand underneath the tree till she notices you
5. If she does not find you that interesting, convey that you’ve brought peanuts
6. Get down on your knees till she comes down (at a fair distance from the tree)
7. Lay down some peanuts in the space between you and her
8. Watch her eat them in peace
9. Repeat steps 7-8 until you have earned her trust (putting her paws on you is a good sign)
10. Slowly lean down on all fours and start snapping away
Some extra tips:
– avoid putting peanuts on your palm as she might mistake your fingertip for a peanut, which might be painful and lead to a re-do of step 1
– when you see a dog, stand up immediately, warn her so she can run up the tree, wait till her life is no longer in danger and repeat steps 6 till 10
– try to shoo away pigeons, crows and men who want some peanuts or a date.