The philosopher and the fox

12.35pm. On the dot! She crosses my neighbour’s garden and jumps a fence to their neighbours.

2.30pm. She’s back. I run into the garden, jump the first fence, crawl over the terrace, and stick my head around the fence. She is lying in the same spot as yesterday and I look straight into her eyes. Whoops! I shouldn’t be surprised. Apparently foxes can hear a crow from 500m away. I decide to look down and stay as still as possible. When I look up, I can’t see her. I manouver myself face down onto the grass. I look up. Nothing. Inch by inch I G.I.-Jane myself closer, trying to avoid the nettles, till I get to the jasmine flower bed which is about 4 meters away from her spot. I don’t even know whether she is still there!

3.30pm. Gosh this is unpleasant. I’ve managed to put my hand in ant nest. Not to mention the wasps who have been flying around my head continuously, trying to get to the jasmine. And my skin is itching from the nettles. I move to scratch it. Bad idea. The fox is up and gazing at me. I lay my head down and pretend to be sleeping. When I look again, she’s still staring at me. But the second time around, I see she’s lying down again. OMG! She knows I’m here and is ok with it. After a while she gets up and leaves.

11pm. I’m covered in red spots from low crawling through the nettles, but it was so worth it.