Simple living

When I calmed down, I started thinking about the life I would be living. I had left everything behind. Not only my job, but also my friends and my home in a magnificent city. How less fancy life at the oak tree is! Here I only have small quarters to sleep in and plain nuts to munch on. I’ve known for a long time that squirrels can get by with very little, but I had never put it to practice. In the words of Henry Thoreau, I was well on my way to become a professor of philosophy instead of a philosopher – someone who so loves wisdom as to live accordingly to its dictates: a life of simplicity, independence, magnanimity and trust. A squirrel might want a whole lot of things, but needs only food, shelter and warmth. When I stopped obsessing about stuff I wanted, I began to enjoy nature’s abundance. Now I see beautiful things where ever I go. The morning sun shining on the beach, the other animals in the forest and the colourful flowers in the fields. Open your eyes, you’ll find magic everywhere!