The recipe for authenticity

Being attacked by the hawk was the trigger that made me realise that I hadn’t been living authentically. To change this, I found inspiration in the fabulous 12 Oaks Bakery. One day my friend Caroline had told me what she loved to do: making delicious home-made treats based on her favourite family recipes. A few weeks later, she had some business cards and her first order. Together with her friend Katherine, she is now running a very successful bakery business from her own home. She didn’t quit her job nor did she take out a massive loan, she just used what was there. Seeing her blossom like that taught me that living authentically means being true to who you are. And also, that there’s always a way to realise your dreams. As a squirrel I’m not very good at baking, of course. But I can talk to the animals, which is not something many humans can. Everyone has something that is truly theirs. So here’s the recipe for authenticity: ask yourself what makes you you and go realise your dreams.