To quit or not to quit

Despite the fact that I didn’t have to quit my job to realise my dreams, I did quit. The job I had, was making me deeply unhappy. Plus it was life-consuming, payless, and far away from my family and my oak tree. Tough decision! And yet it was. Especially for a diligent and perseverant squirrel like me. Everywhere I had been, from my elite education to my prestigious work, people had told me that I was going to get far. I had no clue where ‘far’ was, but it sounded good so I just kept working hard. To find the courage to start making up my own mind about what is important in life and where I wanted to go (near, far, or somewhere else entirely) was difficult, to say the least. It wasn’t until a career adviser suggested I start saying ‘changing direction’ instead of ‘quitting’, that I felt joyous and free. Changing direction sounds marvelous! I learned that sometimes quitting is the answer. Decide for yourself whether your job is giving you enough of what you need or taking too much from you.