When bad things happen

The day the hawk had me in his claws, I was badly hurt. Thankfully Tommy was there to help, as you can imagine what a hawk will do to a squirrel. When Doctor Dolittle prescribed two weeks of bed rest under dry leaves, I learned that being strong doesn’t always mean ‘being active and cheerful’, sometimes it means ‘saying enough is enough’. So here I am, resting beneath the leaves until my wounds have healed. The first thing I did with my time, was read When Bad Things Happen to Good People. It’s written for humans, but I found that it applies to squirrels as well. It explains that there is no life without pain. So instead of wishing that you weren’t in pain, you should ask yourself what to do with it. Will the experience remain nothing but pointless suffering or will you transform it into something meaningful? What sort of squirrel will you become because of it? The book teaches that instead of asking ‘Why do bad things happen?’, you should ask ‘What do I do now that it has happened?’