Squirrel of integrity

A question that immediately arose at the oak tree was ‘What will you do, and how will you go about doing it?’ In the past I had managed to avoid making decisions and taking responsibility. There had always been other creatures around, louder and more confident than me, who’d said I shouldn’t worry my little head about it and just do as they told me to do. All they asked in return was gratitude and obedience. But having learned exactly how high that price is, I finally understood that they didn’t care about me. They were diminishing me in order to feel better about themselves. So for the first time, I’m taking on the struggle of figuring things out by myself. But how should I go about it? The book When All You’ve Ever Wanted isn’t Enough gave me the following idea: strive to be a squirrel of integrity. To have integrity means being of one piece. So I started asking myself: What kind of a squirrel do you want to be? It is just about formulating your own standards and then living up to them!