The path of the warrior

To learn how to deal with the panic, I started reading The Sacred Path of the Warrior. Being such a sensitive and vulnerable squirrel, I thought I would be the last to resemble a warrior. How wrong I was! First of all, because I learned that real fearlessness does not come from physical strength or aggression, but from tenderness. From the willingness to share your heart with others. Secondly, because fearlessness does not mean that you don’t feel any fear. Rather, it is about acknowledging your fear and then going beyond it. Being a tender and fearful squirrel couldn’t be a more perfect place to start! The most important challenge in becoming a warrior is to learn to let yourself be, just as you are. You can practice this with a simple exercise: sit down on the ground with a straight back, pay attention to your breathe noticing that it happens naturally, feel the heaven above you and the earth beneath you and your spot in between them. You can trust in yourself, in heaven above and earth beneath.