The philosopher and the fox

9am. No point in getting up at dawn. This fox is on a different schedule. I check on the food. The risotto is gone. So is the yoghurt and the avocado. Interesting.

12.35pm. There she is! I take off my slippers and go into the garden as quietly as I can. First I have to climb over a small fence to access my neighbour’s garden. Then I tiptoe across their terrace. So far I’ve been out of sight but now I need to go around another fence to get onto their lawn. I get on my hands and knees and look around the fence. I can’t see her. I move onto the grass. Suddenly I fear that I might be blocking the only exit. What if she feels threatened and bites me? This was such a bad idea.

1pm. I’ve calmed down a bit. I can’t remember anything about adults being attacked by foxes. Surely it will be alright. Suddenly I see her. She is looking right at me from about 5 meters away. My god, she is gorgeous. I don’t want to intimidate her, so I pretend to be reading A vindication of the rights of woman. When I look up, our eyes meet again. She seems quite curious about me. After about a minute, she turns and dissappears in the bushes at the back of the garden. Guess I wasn’t blocking her exit at all.

2.40pm. I spot her again next door. This time I think I’ll let her be. Finding shelter must be very difficult and the last thing I want to do is to scare her away. She seems so happy in her peaceful paradise.

11pm. Still thinking about her majestic face. Pretty sure I’ll be dreaming about it too…