The philosopher and the fox

12.30pm. The Quorn beef slices are gone. The blackberries? Not so much.

2.30pm. No Faith. I’ve been reading about the English fox hunting tradition, which has recently been banned (although hunting without dogs is still allowed). The philosopher Roger Scruton (a fervent participant in the bloodsport himself) apparently compared the ban to refusing political rights to religious minorities. Seriously? The Countryside Alliance went all the way to the ECHR to get the ban overturned, also claiming that it’s a violation of human rights. The ECHR declared the application inadmissable. Some good news at least. But then there is the fur trade. Foxes are among the most killed animals for their fur (minxes being the other one). It’s estimated that 4.5 million foxes are brutually (and I mean brutually) killed each year, sixty percent of those in Europe. I saw graphic photos. I think I’m going to be sick.

11pm. I chucked out my Roger Scruton collection and signed the Animal Aid fur trade petition.